Trevor Noah: So Many Screw Ups, So Little Time To Cover Them All

Trevor Noah didn?t quite know where to begin Thursday night to cover all the gaffes, corruption and intrigue around the world on ?The Daily Show.?

He took a stab at the latest illegal payment corruption allegation against Brazil?s president and revelations of the king of the Netherlands? decades-long part-time as an airline pilot. But the best, as always, was Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin?s ?TaskRabbit,? Noah joked, in reference to the handyman website.

The top story should have been Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an?s bodyguards allegedly beating up Americans protesting Turkey?s policy in Washington, D.C., Noah said.

To Stop Police Shootings, We Need To Move Beyond ‘Bad Cops’

In the wake high-profile cases of police officers shooting and killing black men, a popular potential solution that emerged was clipping body cameras to officers? uniforms

Why Disturbing Leaked Video Of Texas Cops May Be Relevant To Jordan Edwards’ Killing

A Texas cop charged with murder in the shooting of an unarmed teen last month was reportedly trained by a sergeant caught on newly released video repeatedly shocking a handcuffed man with a stun gun.

The video, anonymously mailed to Dallas-Fort Worth?s KDFW-TV, was captured by a police officer?s body-worn camera in April 2016. It shows three Balch Springs police officers arresting a black man, who tells the officers he was in possession of a BB gun.

After handcuffing the suspect?s hands behind his back, one officer uses a knife to cut off the man?s backpack. As cops remove the bag, the sergeant jolts the suspect multiple times with a stun gun, for no apparent reason.

?I ain?t playin? with you,? the sergeant says as the suspect cries out in pain.

Most police departments restrict the use of stun guns to subjects who are aggressive or actively resisting. Some police departments prohibit or discourage

Read The Story Behind Netflix’s True Crime Series ‘The Keepers’

WASHINGTON ? Netflix?s highly anticipated new true crime docuseries, ?The Keepers,? centers around a group of determined Baltimore women attempting to solve the 1969 murder of a beloved young nun who taught them in high school.


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This Boy Meeting His Newborn Sibling Is The Definition Of Happiness

In a matter of seconds, a boy eager to meet his newborn sibling has captured the internet?s heart.

Four-year-old Kent?s first encounter with his baby brother, Noah, was captured in a video that has gone viral. The video has racked up more than 53 million views since May 7 on the Facebook page NTD Television.

The sweet encounter included Kent giving his new sibling a blue stuffed animal as well as a kiss on the head. His huge grin pretty much says the rest.

The video, which has been shared more than 506,000 times, has prompted Facebook users to describe what it was like when their kids met their siblings and even share personal photos of the emotional moment. Fans of the video also applauded Kent?s adoration of his little brother.

?Now that?s a well prepared big brother!!!? one commenter wrote.

?This has to be the cutest video I?ve ever seen! Such love and tenderness the big brother Kent is showing his brand new baby brother!? wrote another.

Kent?s first interaction with his brother is similar to another sweet moment that happened earlier this year between an uncle and a newborn in his family. In January, the internet fell in love with Grant Kessler, a teen who wore a suit to meet his baby niece. His reasoning?