During Rare Look Inside Her Home, Parents Say Fellow Inmates Stand By Reality Winner

AUGUSTA, Ga. ? A collection of framed Beatles record covers adorn the living room wall of the house where 25-year-old government contractor Reality Winner lived until late last week. One room is empty, save for a rug where she practices yoga, a book titled ?The Art of Peace? and prayer beads. In her bedroom, a blanket with a giant picture of the Pokemon Pikachu is laid neatly on her bed.

It doesn?t seem like the house of a mastermind bent on bringing down the government.

?I want people to keep in mind that she?s a human being, that she did serve her country, that she would never hurt anyone,? Winner?s mother, Billie Winner-Davis, told HuffPost in a sit-down interview Thursday morning. Her parents have come to Augusta from their home in Kingsville, Texas, to stand by their daughter.