‘Wonder Woman’ And The Power Of Watching A Woman Save The World

I cried within the first five minutes of ?Wonder Woman.? And then about 10 minutes later. And then another 15 minutes after that. In fact, I found myself choking up on and off throughout the entire 2 hour film ? not because the movie was sad, but because I had never seen anything quite like it. Just the visual of seeing an army of ripped, powerful women charging down to protect each other and their world was enough to bring me to tears.

The movie begins with a short dip into present day, but really kicks off on Themyscira, the paradise-like island where the all-woman Amazonians live and where Wonder Woman grew up with her warrior queen mother and military general aunt. The island scenes are some of the movie?s most stunning, as viewers are treated to a land where women raise, love and, most notably, fight for each other.